Washington State University

Fall 2017             Cpt S 422: Software Engineering Principles II
Fall 2017             Cpt S 582: Software Testing
Spring 2017          Cpt S 581: Software Maintenance
Spring 2016          Cpt S 580: The Use of Text Retrieval and Natural Language Processing in Software Engineering.

Past teaching at other institutions

Polytechnique Montréal (Canada)

Fall 2014               Course instructor for LOG3430: Software Testing and Validation Methods (undergraduate course).
Fall 2010               Lab instructor for LOG2430: Software Testing and Validation Methods (undergraduate course).

Collège Bois-de-Boulogne (Canada)

Winter 2010          Course and lab instructor for 420-816-BB: Hardware and Software Architecture 2 (Program: Object-Oriented Analyst/Developer).

Concordia University (Canada)

Winter 2009          Programmer on duty for SOEN448: Management of Evolving Systems (undergraduate course).
Fall 2007               Teaching assistant for SOEN6441: Advanced Programming Practices (graduate core course).
Winter 2007          Teaching assistant for COMP348: Principles of Programming Languages (undergraduate core course).
Fall 2006               Teaching assistant for COMP354: Software Engineering I (undergraduate core course)