LAPD is available as extension of Eclipse Checkstyle plugin. LAPD detects inconsistencies between the signature (e.g., name, type), documentation (e.g., comments), and implementation of an entity (method or attribute). More on LAs here.

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Willing to evaluate the plugin?
Plugin prerequisites
How to install?
How to configure?
How to use?
What is the plugin recording?

Plugin evaluation

We are currently looking for people willing to:

  • Install the plugin
  • Use the plugin
  • Provide us feedback

See more details bellow to know what is the plugin recording?

Plugin prerequisites
  • Checkstyle plugin must be installed (via Eclipse through the update site: further details about please refer to eclipse-cs page.

How to install?
  • Download the LAPD Checkstyle plugin here (latest version 20130907) and place it into the dropins directory of Eclipse.

The plugin uses natural language processing libraries that may require additional memory depending on the size of the project under analysis. You may allow Eclipse to use more memory by changing the -Xmx argument in eclipse.ini.

How to configure?

Open Eclipse and make LAPD as default configuration for the workspace as follows:

  • Open the preferences window:
    • Mac OS users: Go to Eclipse -> Preferences -> Checkstyle.
    • Windows/Linux: Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Checkstyle.
  • Select the LAs Checks:
    • To only select the LAs Checks: Select LAPDCheckstylePlugin Checks and click on Set as default then on Ok.
    • To add the LAs Checks to an existing configuration: Select your configuration and click on Configure. Select the entire module LAPD and then click on Add. After clicking Ok on the four windows, finally click Ok to save the modifications of your configuration.

How to use?

Run LAPDCheckstylePlugin on a project:

  • To view the detected LAs you can use the view Problems (Window -> Show view -> Problems) or the Checkstyle violations view (Window -> Show view -> Other -> Checkstyle -> Checkstyle violations).

LAPDCheckstylePlugin in 60s:

  • Learn more on the reported LAs here. To facilitate the search, each LA has a unique number – the same as the one reported by the plugin.
  • The FAQ can be found here.

What is the plugin recording?

All output of the plugin will be located in a folder located in your home directory:

  • Documents/net.sf.eclipsecs.lapd_logs (Mac OS/Linux users)
  • My Documents/net.sf.eclipsecs.lapd_logs (Windows users)

The plugin will record your decisions, in other words whether you decide to keep or fix a linguistic anti-pattern (the files will be located in min_info). The plugin also makes a copy of the source files in which linguistic anti-patterns were detected to better understand your decisions (snapshots will be saved in subfolder snapshots).

If you would like to provide feedback, please compress and send us the folder net.sf.eclipsecs.lapd_logs (venera dot arnaoudova at gmail dot com). You can decide not to provide the snapshots in which case you only need to compress min_info. We appreciate any additional feedback!


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